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Patients with respiratory infections have specific needs and yet pose a specific risk. Conventional oxygen masks can generate a plume of particles from their exhalation ports, which can travel a distance of 0.4 metres[1] [2] resulting in a potential risk.

The FiltaMask™ combines an oxygen delivery system with a filter media covering the exhalation ports. FiltaMask is intended for use on patients with respiratory infections who may be a source of aerosolised infectious pathogens and who also require supplementary oxygen.

The FiltaMask is designed to reduce the risk to paramedics, hospital staff and visitors[3].

Features and benefits include:
- Incurved face seal providing improved level of fit and comfort
- On-chin positioning providing a better fit to a wider range of face shapes
- Low elastic position eliminating trauma to the patient's ears
- Integral filter media reducing the risk of escaping aerosols

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