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A range of accessories for our Oral Care toothbrushes & kits to help target Ventilator Associated Pneumonia (VAP).  To learn more about VAP and oral hygiene please visit our dedicated oral care landing page or click on the area of interest below.

The new OroCare day kits facilitate introduction of an oral care hygiene routine over a 24 hour period. Available for 4 hours (q4) or 8 hour (q8) intervention options, they offer a simple to use disposable solution straight from the pack. Each intervention contains a suction brush or a suction wand plus one liquid dispenser cup, and a mouth moisturiser applicator sponge.  The day kits with mouthwash also contain one sachet of 0.12% Chlorhexidine (15ml) mouthwash in each treatment pack. All day kits are supplied with a new designed universal management hanger, which can be adapted to provide a convenient solution for most situations.

For situations, where full daily kits are not suitable, Intersurgical offer a variety of single use treatment packs. These contain a toothbrush, a choice of cleaning agents and in a selection of pack options, dispenser cups and sponges for lip moisturising.


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