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Protocols and Assessment Guides

As patients have quite different oropharyngeal conditions, which may change quickly during their hospital stay, the status of the oral cavity needs to be assessed as a daily routine.  Hospitals may develop their own assessment guides for staff to follow.  We have created an assessment guide which can be downloaded to help start the process.
Supporting Videos

For correct set-up and connection of the Intersurgical Oral Care products, please view the appropriate video.


VAP development and prevention


Oral CareTM Day Kits

The modified Bass brushing technique



VAP has serious consequences both for patient health and hospital budgets. Development may be reduced with appropriate oral care techniques. This video shows how VAP develops and how oral care may help in the prevention.   OroCare day kits facilitate introduction of an oral care hygiene routine over a 24 hour period. Available for 4 hours (q4) or 8 hour (q8) intervention options, they offer a simple to use disposable solution straight from the pack. The modified Bass brushing technique has been proven to be the most effective in removing plaque. A soft brush is placed at the gum line at a 45 degree angle. The brush is "wiggled" 3-5 times, then moved toward the end of the tooth. All of this may be done without pressure. Watch the video for further details.

Supporting Articles

There are numerous published studies on Oral Care.  We have supplied links to the abstracts of the main supporting studies and more will be added in time.

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